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We produce a wide-range of packaging solutions to meet the requirements of our clients across sectors. As a leading packaging company with state-of-the-art international equipment, we will be your partner for all your packaging needs.

beverages whiskey


Whether you are looking for an entire packaging solution, a specialized cap, closure, or film, we can meet all your beverage packaging needs.

Digital Label food


Our food packaging and design expertise can be easily identified at most grocery stores across Nigeria. Our films and packaging are specially designed to keep the freshness and retain flavor.

Pharmaceuticals Pharma


We can develop a variety of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that will ensure safe and sanitary packaging. Our packaging expertise delivers the safest, cleanest products possible for healthcare and pharmaceutical customers.

personal care pc

Personal care

We offer packaging solutions for wide range of personal care items that can be found in almost every home. From bottles to jars to films to closures, we will work with you to develop a packaging solution to give your product a uniqueness that will wow your customer.

lubricants oil

Oil & Lubricants

We are the go-to packaging company for all leading oil companies in Nigeria. We have developed recyclable and sustainable solutions to help you with your commitments to reduce carbon footprint.