We actively seek out passionate, creative and committed people who are result-oriented. We are committed to promoting a great organization that enjoys and thrives to remain excellent and competitive in the fast-paced manufacturing industry.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Breeze values diversity and is committed to equal opportunities and in creating an inclusive environment for all its employees. All recruitments are on the basis of individual merit, qualifications, competence and ability irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation. Our recruitment process has been designed to be objective, fair and in line with our beliefs and values, as well as being consistent for everyone who applies.

Equal Opportunity

Commitment to staff

At Breeze, we recognize our people as our greatest assets. The company is therefore committed to the personal development of its staff through continuous training and development. We have continued to help our staff realize their dreams while creating opportunities for them to fulfil their personal and professional potential. Breeze has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination basis ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

commitment to staff